Zero / A Retrospective

My 3rd European LARP! Once again, I will write down my thoughts and observations of this, my second game with NotOnlyLARP after Mission Together in August 2022. I participated in the first run of Zero over the weekend of March 4-5 2023 in Madrid, Spain. All photos are by the author unless otherwise specified. Pre-game […]

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Tech in Laser-Tag LARP

From the beginnings when it adapted an 80’s toy, Laser-Tag LARP has always used technology as a fundamental part of the overall game experience. Other technology has been used as part of games from PSION II’s to today’s microcontroller controlled devices. “The Goodman Protocol” was a LARP that ran recently and features both RFID and […]

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Skill Design in your LARP Adventure

Live Action Role-Play, Live Role-Play, LARP, LRP, whatever you call this hobby it is all ultimately the same thing.  People engaging in fantasy worlds to resolve situations, this is what seperates us from those who produce fantastic costumes and then just stand around in them at conventions (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  LARPers will […]

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